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Wearing - Kangaroo Carry

Kangaroo carry is typically used from 3 to 6 months, when baby wants to see the world but can't sit up unassisted. Be sure to watch our video on using the kangaroo carry.

  • Put the sling on with rings in corsage position. See this video and this video.
  • Adjust the main body of the sling to the right height - just below your navel for kangaroo position. See video.
  • Spread the fabric around the rings and loosen the outside edge. When the fabric is spread around the rings, it should look like this. See video.
  • Leave the top rail of sling - the edge away from your body - loose until baby is in sling.
  • Create a wall of fabric against your body (shown at right). This is the pocket that baby will sit in.
  • For more information on getting started, watch this video.
Cradle Carry
  • Hold baby on your shoulder opposite the rings. Baby's back will rest on your shoulder. Cross baby's legs.
Kangaroo Carry
  • Pull front fabric around baby with one hand as you settle baby into sling, keeping baby's legs crossed in front.
  • CHECK to make sure wall of fabric is between you and baby. Baby should be centered in pocket of fabric.
Kangaroo Carry
  • Once baby is in position, tighten slack in the top rail (the edge away from your body) by pulling up and over across the body. See this video and this video.
  • Pull shoulder folds out to cup your shoulder. See video.
Tummy to Tummy Hold
  • Baby should lean back against you, not lean forward.
  • Use caution not to pinch baby's fingers in rings.
  • CHECK your positioning in a mirror.
  • To take baby out, loosen the top rail. Reach under both of baby’s arms with both hands. Pull baby straight up onto your shoulder.
  • For more information on the kangaroo carry, watch this video.
Kangaroo Carry

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