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We love hearing how much our customers enjoy their ZoloWear slings. If you want to tell us about your experience or need more ZoloWear cards to hand out, click here to send us an e-mail.

To read independent reviews of shopping at ZoloWear and our products, check out our ratings and reviews on TheBabyWearer.com, ePinions.com, and Shopping.com. Also, check out what is being written about ZoloWear in the press.

I’ve been using my java silk sling with Jacqueline since she was born on Aug. 18th. I love it! I get compliments on it all the time. It’s wonderfully comfortable and beautifully made. She loves it too. She snuggles down into it and happily sleeps or looks around. It’s so pretty, I feel it doesn’t matter that I’m not back into my regular wardrobe yet. Who cares what I’m wearing with such a beautiful sling across my chest. I love the pocket too for keys and a few diapers. Sometimes I leave the house with only the sling. No purse and no diaper bag. I feel so free not having to carry the car seat carrier or struggle with a stroller. I used a sling with Dylan when he was a baby six years ago. It was bulky and ugly, and it neither fit me nor distributed his weight well. Yours is such an improvement. I wish I had this back then. Also, I found a diaper bag made out of similar fabric. When I use a diaper bag, I have a stylish, matching set.

Keri Thomas

I have written years past, but new changes over here. I just love my sling. I am on baby #2 and it is more necessary than ever. Baby Marley was a preemie, and needed to be held all the time. The sling helped me care for my toddler at the same time as cuddling my newborn. It has changed the way I parent and I reccomend it to anyone and everyone. My husband even wears it many days while we go for walks. And yes, I am still using the same Sage Sling from my first daughter and love it!
PS what a wonderful gift you are sharing with women! You should be very proud of your career choice! What a blessing.

Heather Gentile Collins

I just wanted to say that the slings came in the nick of time :) I was at Market in Dallas and used the Posie Pique for our daughter, and man oh man was it a life saver! She slept so well in it and it was super easy to feed her too! We watched the DVD and it was very very helpful! I also had a few people as me about it at Market and so I passed out the cards that were inside my pouch pocket ;) nyway, THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I cannot wait, yesterday alone I sold four... WOW!! We had only had them for one day!! So I was pretty excited :) THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! again, THE SLING, ZOLO SLING, IS A LIFESAVER!!!!
thanks so much,

Lily Bee's

My husband and I always rate the baby things we have bought over the years... top 3 is our Zolowear sling!! I love it and I like to think it has enabled me to continue nursing my 14 month old. I can't praise this wonderful and stylish sling enough- Thanks!!!


I am the proud mother of three and a foster mom. I have tried slings in the past, but had no idea how to really use one. Then I saw an interview with you on our local news station and decided I needed to give the sling another chance. I was determined to master it! I got it in the mail today and have watched the video and have already mastered belly-to-belly with my 8 week old and she loves it. So do I! It is so much better than the front carriers I’ve used in the past and I just love how it grows with the child. The DVD does a great job of illustrating the proper ways the sling can be used and makes using the sling a breeze. I can’t wait to try all the positions. Also, thanks for making a mesh sling for us Texans! It’s prefect for these hot summer days!

Flatonia, Texas

With a selection of 20+ slings in our store, ZoloWear slings have some pretty tough competition to win over our customers. However, when our customers see them, feel them and try them on, they consistently comment on the top quality, the beautiful colours and prints and the comfort and ease of use. ZoloWear's attention to detail - from the handy zippered pocket to the free DVD instructions - ensure a professional presentation and a superior product. Add in their attentive and responsive customer service to wholesale customers and you've got that rare find as a retailer - a fabulous product backed by a fabulous company.

Britt Pegan
MilkFace Nursingwear

The stuff has arrived, just rescued them from customs an hour ago, and may I say they are GORGEOUS!!! More beautiful in person than on a picture. I almost don't want to sell them - just want to keep them all to myself.... LOL!!! Have also tried one on and they seem really comfortable and easy to use. Thank you for outstanding service and quick shipment and beautiful products. I'll be ordering again for sure! A+++ for you ;)

Happy happy joy joy regards from the land of the midnight sun!

Heida Liljudottir

Zolo slings weren't available when my first daughter was born, but I definitely wish they had been. I tried so many different carriers with her, but not only was she uncomfortable, so was I. I couldn't wait until I had my second child to try one. My first thought when I found out I was pregnant was "Wow, now I can buy a Zolo sling!" My husband thought I was crazy because of all of the problems I had with previous slings. He went along with me anyway and was so impressed when it arrived. He couldn't get over how well made it was. I tried the Carina in it and she fell right asleep. What a blessing it has been. I take it to my oldest daughter's dance class and I get so many compliments. Everyone can't believe how stylish and just plain gorgeous it is. My baby is now 7 months old and 22lbs, but she still is as comfy as can be. We went to the mall today and the women at the jewelry counter called me over so they could not only gush about my daughter, but also the sling. It has been through a lot of wear and tear, but has only gotten better. I love my sling!

Marlton, New Jersey

My son recently turned one year old and I thought we were destined to never own a ring sling. Please don't get me wrong, I love my other carriers but over the past year, I have tried numerous ring slings with little success. A friend of mine kept raving about her solstice stretch so I thought, why not give it one more try. The day of my son's birthday party, we received our Zolo whimsy cotton. I tried it on and it just clicked for us. I have worn it every day since and gotten compliments on it even from people without babies! I just wanted to thank you for an amazing product and I look forward to future purchases.

Hilliard, Ohio

Dear Darien, We have never met, but the other day, I think you spotted me outside of Book People wearing one of your silk green slings. You were walking with your dh carrying your babe in a red solarveil. You all had just noticed me but had already passed before I could say hello.

Anyway, I got quite a laugh--seems like I get checked out these days only because of my faaaaabulous sling, lol.

I run a monthly poetry series at 12th St. Books. My sons are old hat at readings now and I wear Waylon (7 mo) in your sling as I introduce the poets in style. I love wearing it, even on daily errands--I feel very pampered and elegant. Oh and Waylon likes it too! At the end of the month, I'll be in San Francisco, giving a reading with UC Berkeley and St. Mary's College--I'm sure to get comments and compliments (and hand out several of your biz cards) while I'm out and about in that chic city.

Thanks for all the care you put into your slings. My clothes-designer friend (Karly Hand of Austin Craft Mafia) was impressed by the quality of your design and workmanship. I recommend your slings to everyone that asks (and some that don't, lol).

Austin, Texas

Awesome sling! Fit is the most comfortable I’ve had with any carrier and the quality is above and beyond what I expected. The best feature is the unique shoulder of the sling and then the pocket. The sizing is very accurate and reliable. This sling is a bit more expensive than others I considered but in the end it was worth every penny. Not only is the quality better but the appearance of the sling makes it appealing to moms of all fashions preferences. No more sloppy looking rug printed carriers! I'm planning on getting another for myself and my expecting sister in law. She only thought she loved the Bjorn!

Best customer service anywhere! Darien and her kind and knowledgeable staff are really raising the bar for WAHM's. I expected much less in service and product from a small work at home business and I was blissfully surprised! Product is fantastic but that's just a small part of buying a sling. Darien took the time to talk with me about getting the right size and fit since I've had a hard time doing so with other slings. They were very helpful even when I changed my mind on color last minute and had my sling made and in my mailbox within two days from my order! I fully intend to be a return customer and would highly recommend Zolowear, Inc.


I just wanted to let you know how much I loved my Zolo sling. I bought it last year at the La Leche conference. My daughter outgrew it but I still love to use it every once in a while for short trips. The fabric is so beautiful. You have great taste in all the fabrics that you choose and produce such a quality sling. Thank you! I feel that because I had such a positive experience with your slings I am so much closer to my daughter. She loves being carried and cuddled. I can't wait to order a child size sling for her soon. :) Please keep up the awesome work that you do!

Irvine, California

This sling is built for a goddess! (cow that is) I have the black brocade with dragons, it's beautiful! I receive comments on it everywhere I go. The pocket is the best I've had in any sling, it's got a zipper! Finally my jean pockets don't have to carry everything! Just run don't walk to the website and order one of these slings!

Hathor the Cowgoddess

I just wanted to let you all know that I received my pouch and I absolutely adore it!! I have every baby carrier/sling ever invented and this one is by far the best!! Not only is it the cutest one I own, it's also the easiest to use. The stretch fabric is wonderful! Baby and I both love it! Thanks so much! I will most definitely be a return customer. I have decided that baby carriers are kind of like handbags...you need one for every outfit and you can never have too many!

Melissa and Baby Aiden

I must say again how much I love my pink silk sling. I love, love, love, LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE it. I love IT!!!! My friend in Norway just got hers yesterday. She LLLLOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEESSSSS it. Are you getting the idea? She put hers on in the post office and got many looks as she walked home.

Austin, Texas

Just got my red silk today and wow! What a beautiful fashion accessory/baby item! The workmanship is flawless. The fabric and materials used are top notch. I feel very beautiful in this sling even though I am 9 months pregnant. I carried my 32 lb daughter in it in comfort for a good while (for me right now) - she didn't want to get out! :-) What else can I say? Awesome zippered pocket with plenty of room for keys, credit cards, a diaper. It's a truly fantastic sling. Highly recommend.

Dallas, Texas

I absolutely adore Zolowear slings. I have had several cotton slings, but until now have not sacrificed the big bucks to buy a silk sling. Well, I figure I only have a short time to "wear" my last baby - so I took the big plunge! I got the sky silk butterfly sling. It is just gorgeous!!! The shoulder is the most comfortable I have found to date. It is breathtaking to look at..... It is well worth the price tag. :)

Farmington, Connecticut

I love it so much that I think I need a second one for laundry day! It is by far the easiest sling to use that I have tried, and the most comfortable on my shoulder and back. I love the pocket, and ring for clipping toys to the sling. I have been able to carry both my baby and my toddler in it with complete confidence and comfort. Thank you for creating such a wonderful design.

Round Rock, Texas

I've received my sling and definitely love it. I contacted Erin Baum who was listed as a distributor in Hawaii and she has been great. She came to my house and let me try the sling out and showed me how to put it on and has kept in touch with me to see if I have any questions. I'm able to take my daughter Taylor (4 months) around to the mall or on errands much easier and when she gets fussy at home, I just throw her in the sling. I've even tried breastfeeding in it and it worked out pretty well. Normally, I would not even attempt to breastfeed in public. Erin has been great and I'm very happy with my purchase. Thanks for offering a great product!

Waipahu, Hawaii

I almost always sling my four month old, but today he was having a great time in his stroller, laughing and giggling at everyone. But then I took too long shopping and he wanted to be held and nurse. I grabbed the sling, put him in and he nursed happily until he fell asleep 10 minutes later. It was great. I finished my shopping, used the stroller to carry my bags and off we went.

I have two padded slings as well as a fleece pouch and a front carrier, but yours was definitely easiest to nurse in. The others are great, but when it comes to nursing I usually had to sit down somewhere to latch on. Since I nurse on demand that sometimes posed a problem.

Also, I love the fabric! It is really beautiful. Thanks for getting it here so quick! Can't wait to show it off at my friend's engagement party tomorrow night!

Ferndale, Michigan

I love the shoulder. It is really comfortable, without any fussing with the fabric. I am most impressed with how it is constructed. It is really topnotch sewing and the design is good. It really looks extremely professional and it feels so secure. The matching bag is also very well made. It is reversible and on the solid colored side there is just a nice edging of the brocade.

You could definitely use the silk sling on a regular basis. I might not wear it with sweats to garden in the yard, but I would definitely wear it with jeans around town. It is both a functional well made sling, and also something to wear that makes me feel good.

I definitely think the silk sling is worth it. I am seriously thinking of getting one of the cotton one as well.

Andover, Massachusetts

My son and I were having one of those trying days. We were not sleeping, nursing all day, hating everything we usually love and well, you know how it goes...

I took him to Central Market to chase ducks, play on the playscape and eat his favorite food. But what would have been his only decent meal of the day turned into a disaster when he wouldn't eat. I gathered my screaming child into my sling and walked my tired, frazzled body to my car.

I usually take my sling off after I get my son in his car seat. But that night, I did not and pulled out of the parking lot only to see flashing lights behind me.

Well, I told the police officer about my whole day. He started laughing and told me he followed me out of the parking lot because he wanted to know where I got my sling. He told me that his wife is due any day and he watched me deal with my son and thought it was neat how he calmed down when he got in the sling. He added that sage is his wife's favorite color and asked where he get could get one of those! I gave him a ZoloWear card and he sent me on my way, laughing all the way home.

Austin, Texas

The silk is a very strong, hard wearing fabric, and the silk slings are double layered so it seems like they will hold up very well indeed. They are worth the money; the workmanship and attention to detail is second to none. This is not your run of the mill sling!

Boulder, Colorado

I love, love, love my new ZoloWear Green Cherry Blossom sling! It's beautiful, lightweight and best of all my back doesn't hurt when I wear it! As soon as I got the package, I opened it and put my 2 month old son inside the sling using the cradle hold. He must have liked it alot because he kept smiling and cooing. He even fell asleep in it! I really wish I had a ZoloWear sling when my two older daughters were babies instead of suffering from shoulder and back pain. I am so impressed with how well your sling distributes the baby's weight that I plan on purchasing a ZoloWear cotton sling too.

Chicago, Illinois

I've got three other major brands of slings and a ZoloWear. Hands down, my ZoloWear sling rules. Of all my slings, it is the most comfortable, stays in place once I have my daughter in position, and of course it looks great! I was able to use it easily with my baby in several positions - cradle hold, kangaroo, tummy to tummy, and on the hip. Now she can nurse while sitting on my hip, and there is enough material from the sling for me to bring the sling up over her shoulders and neck and it blocks most of her head while she nurses. This is great because I can nurse her discreetly in public and still be able to walk around and do my shopping and errands. Best of all, it's got a great pocket for credit cards and keys, so it's eliminated the need for a wallet or purse. Just love it.

Austin, Texas

The sling was a big hit at the shower yesterday. Everyone wanted your business card!

Hoboken, New Jersey

I really like the sling shoulder, the way the fabric is folded so there is no need for padding. It is a "tough" sling - I'll be handing it down to my grandchildren! I like the bag a lot too - especially that it isn't enormous. The size is just right for using with a sling.

London, England

I've been careful to be sure the sling cups my shoulder, and I am happy with how comfy it is to carry my baby that way. I used it today when I went shopping and again when we went out to find some pumpkins. I loved that I had two hands free to help my two year old pick out the pumpkins! I got a nice compliment on it from a dad (!) who was picking out pumpkins with his family. I also like how it makes my baby less conspicuous while we are out - I don't get as many total strangers coming up and breathing on her!

Amherst, Massachusetts

I've already worn the silk sling twice, and I'm getting the hang of it. Once to an art gallery opening, and last night to a function at my law school. It's a good thing you included business cards, because you would not believe how many women wanted one, including one woman who isn't even pregnant yet!

Birmingham, Alabama

It comes down to this:

  • I feel as cool wearing my baby in a ZoloWear sling as I do wearing my magenta Les Paul Epiphone.
  • My babes are so content in their ZoloWear slings they are always ready to see the world, dance around, or take a nap.
  • The ZoloWear sling enhances my family's personal charm and grace.

Kate, mother of twins
Boston, Massachusetts

I'm just about out of ZoloWear cards! People are crazy about my sling. Today two people wrote on their hands because I'd already given away the cards I was carrying. We really do love the sling!

Austin, Texas

I really love the sling - even better in person then on the screen. My back has really been killing me and it seems to take a lot of the load off and also helps my posture. My son wasn't hesitant to get in it... he just took to it so quickly. I love having him close to me. I am really so excited and can't wait to show it off and buy some more to go with some other outfits. Thanks so much!

Greensboro, North Carolina

The padded sling I had for my first baby was much too hot and bulky. I can also adjust my ZoloWear differently for different situations. I can have my daughter high and close to my body for nursing and lower the sling and open it more when she wants to sit up and look around. I can pull the edges tight and make a little cocoon for her when she is sleeping horizontally. I absolutely love my ZoloWear sling!

Austin, Texas

I needed to run an errand the other day, but it was my son's nap time. He is a poor sleeper and needs his naps. When I got to the store, he was asleep, so I transferred him to the sling and he slept the whole time I was shopping. There is nothing better than that! I love my sling, it looks great and feels great. I have gotten quite a few complements on it, too, because it looks so nice. I highly recommend this sling to anyone who needs one, and everyone needs one!

Boston, Massachusetts

I've been putting off thanking you for the sling. I hate to say this, but I never thought there was a difference in the non-padded slings. So -- when I put on your sling and it fit and stayed on and was comfortable, I was quite embarrassed! Actually, I said something like "Oh ---" ‘cause I don't like to admit that I could have been wrong. I have a (popular brand) unpadded sling, and it was great when my daughter was small, especially when my friend who sold it to me was there to adjust it for me. Unfortunately, she refused to spend every day with me to keep it adjusted, so I just kept tugging at it, and had stopped using it for all but long trips. The end of the story is that I love your sling and tell anyone who asks and am out of the cards from the pocket (please send more). Thank you so much.

Austin, Texas


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